The Allstream incorporates today's most advanced technological innovations while remaining respectful to the historical aspects of the former Automotive Building. It is the only conference centre in Canada targeting LEED Silver Certification and has adopted a number of green initiatives reflecting their goal of environmental responsibility.

The Ontario Masonry Design Awards Gala will
be held at toronto's allstream centre on saturday, November 15, 2014



The first phase submission process will be closed on January 28th, 2014. Please finalize your submissions prior to that date. If there are any other changes to the information in your submission after that date, please contact Daniela Webb at or at (905) 564-6622 ext. 32.

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Masonry in Ontario has a long history and a bright future. It has a presence in our memories and our hopes, as well as being a tangible part of our everyday lives. Masonry provides the means to create architecture that is innovative, sustainable and secure. Vision, beauty and strength: these are characteristics that radiate from the finest masonry structures. It takes talented minds and hands working in harmony to bring great buildings to life. We believe that such excellence in design and workmanship deserves to be honoured. The Ontario Masonry Design Awards have been created in recognition of the amazing work we do in this industry. Please join us for an evening of celebration.


This awards program is the only one of its kind in Ontario and highly reputed for recognizing substantial, imaginative and creative uses of masonry in building design and construction.

The Masonry Contractors' Association of Toronto (MCAT) and the Ontario Masonry Contractors' Association (OMCA) are pleased to announce the launch of the second Ontario Masonry Design Awards. These awards recognize the teams of engineers, architects, consultants, owners, masonry contractors and suppliers for substantial, imaginative and aesthetically pleasing uses of masonry in building design and construction. The competition is two-tiered, with 11 categories at the Regional Level and 15 at the Provincial Level (including four Provincial-only categories). Winners from the Regional Awards will be elevated to finalists for the Provincial Awards. All submissions are made in two phases. In Phase I, abstracts are submitted for pre-qualification. In Phase II, qualified projects will be elevated to Nominees, at which time a full submission will confirm nomination of the project.

Check out Past Winners

Call for abstracts open: June 1, 2012
Call for abstracts DEADLINE: January 5, 2014
call for submissions OPEN: February 15, 2014
call for submissions DEADLINE: May 15, 2014
AWARDS GALA November 15, 2014

Entry Guide

The Gist

The OMDA is open to Masonry
Projects that fall under one of the
15 potential categories listed in
the Entry Guide. Projects must be
completed between July 1, 2009
and June 30, 2013 (with exception
of the two new categories). Anyone
on the project team can submit an
entry that is eligible under the
criteria in the Entry Guide.

What are the Phases?

Entry categories, eligibility for
projects, submission process,
conditions...everything you’ll
need to know for a great shot
at recognition is in the PDF File
below. Please download and
review prior to starting the
submission process.

Streamline your involvement

We encourage all parties interested in participating in any measure to contact our team with questions. We’re approachable and eager to assist and probably have the answers you need to make submitting projects easy, helpful and quick. Mouse over the FAQs graphic or click here to review some of the most frequently asked questions.

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We celebrate your commitment to the masonry industry.

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